Sunday lunch with West Jutland specialties

A perfect way to enjoy the sunday

Why not spend the last day of the week with two of the best things in the world? Great company and really great food. That’s the idea behind our Sunday lunch at Nørre Vosborg.

The meal takes center stage and thus forms the framework for social interaction, contributing to creating a good and cozy Sunday atmosphere. Settel in and enjoy the many impressions in the form of good vibes, bustling voices, delightful aromas, and beautiful presentations, which continuously arrive at the table you’re sitting at.

The concept is called sharefood, so everyone around the table eats the same and can pass the dishes around so everyone gets to taste a bit of everything. That way, you’ll get to know each other when passing the dishes around or turning to your neighbor to help serve.

The Menu

Every Sunday from 12:30 PM to 3:00 PM

Freshly baked sourdough bread made from pesticide-free grains from the fields of Salling with organic butter from Thise Mejeri

Cured Danish trout topped with organic cottage cheese and delicate herbs from Engesvang. Served with crispy rye bread and “rævesovs” (a Danish condiment made with vinegar, sugar, and mustard).

Rillette af friskfanget fisk fra Hanstholm, rørt op med hjemmelavet mayonnaise og alverdens urter.Rillette of freshly caught fish from Hanstholm, mixed with homemade mayonnaise and a variety of herbs. Accompanied by fennel salad tossed in olive oil.

Savoy cabbage topped with mustard vinaigrette, lemon zest, and finally homemade herb mayonnaise.

Chicken salad made with chickens from Tvis Gårdbutik, mixed with mushrooms from Gartnerhjælpen and apples. Topped with crudité of celery.

Green salad with pear, walnuts, and Vesterhavsdressing.

Potato terrine made from potatoes from Spjald with cottage cheese, mixed with hazelnuts and lemon.

Chicken Sauté Chasseur

2 types of cheese from Thise with homemade compote and crispbread

Apple crumble with crème fraîche from Thise

399 DKK per person / 199 DKK for children up to 11 years old

Menu for the little ones

Slider with chicken

two meatballs

Pizza swirls

Vegetable sticks

Pancakes with fruit and syrup

139 DKK per child up to 11 years old


Wide selection of wine, beer, juice, and coffee

In the bar, you’ll find a wide selection of exciting wines from around the world, all of which are naturally tailored to the lunch menu. The wines have different characteristics, so there is something for every taste. In the bar, you’ll also find exciting beers, soft drinks, as well as homemade juice and lemonade made from the season’s best ingredients.

In the coffee bar, you can help yourself to tea as well as our freshly brewed French press coffee. If you prefer café latte, cappuccino, or anything else, this can be purchased for an additional fee of 15 DKK per cup.

At the manor, there are no narrow options, and of course, you can get a small cognac, calvados, or other delicious drink with your coffee – it warms you up so nicely with a little one!

The koncept is simple

Everything is included in the price

Our Sunday lunch concept is simple – everything is included in the price. The cold dishes are ready on the tables when you arrive – and the warm dishes come afterwards when you’re ready for them. Beverages are self-served from the bar as needed. 

Please note that we are unable to accommodate special diets, allergies, or similar requirements. Vi tager samtidig forbehold for ændringer i menuen. If needed you can have gluten-free bread served – this must be pre-ordered by email  at the latest one day before arrival 

The doors open at 12:30 PM and the last serving from the bar is at 2:45 PM. As we approach 3:00 PM, we say thank you for today. 

Sunday lunch as a company event?

If you would like to come with more than 19 people, you can have our Sunday lunch as an event, where the menu will be served in a private room.
If you are interested in hearing more, you are very welcome to contact us.

Lunch buffet in a private room

The dishes are arranged on small platters served as a buffet on the individual tables. This way, you’ll get to know each other when passing the dishes around or turning to your neighbor to help serve – a cozy and informal lunch together.

The menu is served in several courses – starters, warm dishes, as well as cheese and dessert. The menu may vary from season to season but always has the same wide selection.

Price per person 395 DKK(minimum 20 persons)

The venue is available from 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM.